The 55rd CQ-M International DX Contest - 2011        RUSSIAN Version

Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii has the honor to invite all radio amateurs from around the world to participate in the 53rd annual CQ-M ("Peace to the World") International DX Contest - in May, 2009. The primary goals of the CQ-M Contest are to unite people in peaceful coexistence, foster mutual understanding, and engage in sportsmanship and cooperation through amateur radio.

Date: The contest is the second weekend of May every year. The 2011 CQ-M Contest will start at 12:00 UTC May, 14th, 2011 and finish at 11:59 UTC May, 15th, 2011.

Bands: From 1.8 to 30 MHz Amateur Radio Bands excluding WARC.

Modes: CW and SSB

Contest CQ call: "CQ M" (peace to Earth)

Participant's categories:
SO SB CW Single Operator - Single Band CW Only
SO SB SSB Single Operator - Single Band SSB Only
SO SB MIX Single Operator - Single Band Mixed

SOAB CW Single Operator - All bands CW Only
SOAB SSB Single Operator - All bands SSB Only
SOAB MIX Single Operator - All bands Mixed
SOAB QRP Single Operator - All bands QRP - Mixed
(PEP RF Output Power not more than 5 Watts.
NEW SOAB CW LP Single Operator - All bands LP (Low Power) - CW Only
(Output RF Power not more than 100 watts)
NEW SOAB SSB LP Single Operator - All bands LP (Low Power) - SSB Only
(Output RF Power not more than 100 watts)
SOAB MIX LP Single Operator - All bands LP (Low Power) - CW Only
(Output RF Power not more than 100 watts)

MOST Multi Operator - All Bands, Single Transmitter, Mixed
SWL SWL - All Bands, Mixed
VETERAN WWII Veterans - for C.I.S. stations only
SPECIAL Pobeda Memorial Special Stations
SPECIAL MOST Multi Operators, All Bands, Single Transmitter, Mixed
SPECIAL SOAB Single Operator, All Bands, Single Transmitter, Mixed
Stations in any category can transmit only one signal at a time except for multiplier QSO on different band. For categories MOST and SPECIAL MOST the 10-minute band change rule is enforced. The band change time is determined by the first QSO on new band logged. Any accidental non-multiplier QSO on another band should be included in the LOG. These contacts will be scored as 0 points and not penalized.

Contest Exchange: RS or RST plus QSO serial number

For station situated in Europe and Asia for QSO with Russian Federation - 2 points
For station situated in Australia, North or South America or in Africa for QSO with Russian Federation - 3 points
Same country according to R-150-S award list - 1 point
Different Country, Same Continent according to R-150-S award list (excluding Russian Federation) - 2 points
Different Continent according to R-150-S award list (excluding Russian Federation) - 3 points
/MM stations are not the multipliers, but worth 3 points for any participant.

Please note that Countries are determined by the R-150-S award list.

SWL has to receive both the call signs and one exchange number (one point) or both callsigns and both exchange numbers (three points). The same callsign on the same band is giving points only once. The same callsign (for one point SWL) should not appear in the log more than 10 times on one band.

Each country in the R-150-S list counts as one multiplier on each band.
/MM stations are not the multipliers.
There are no multipliers for SWL category total score.

Please refer to R-150-S list.

Addition to the list of the diploma "R-150-S": the European and Asian part of Russia are set off as a separate multiplier
The European part of Russia includes:
Central federal district: R3Z, R3Y, R3V, R3Q,O, R3U, R3X, R3N, R3W, R3G, R3 R3A, B,C,D,F,H, R3E, R3S, R3L, R3R, R3I, R3P, R3M.
Northwest federal district: R1N, R9X, R1O, R1Q,R,S, R2F, R2A-R2Z, R1A,C, R1Z, R1T, R1W, R1A,B,D,F,G,J,L,M, R1P.
Southern federal district: R6Y, R6W, R6Q, R6X, R6I, R6E, R6J, R6P, R6A,B,C,D, R6H,F, R6U,V, R4A,B, R6L,M,N,O.
Privolzhsky federal district: R9W, R4S,T, R4U, R4P,Q,R, R4W, R4Y,Z, R4N,O, R3T, R9S,T, R4F, R9F, R4H,I, R4C,D, R4L,M, R9G.
The Asian part of Russia includes:
The Ural federal district: R9Q,R, R9C,D,E, R9L, R9A,B, R9J, R9K.
The Siberian federal district: R9Z, R0O, R0Y, R0W, R9Y, R0A, R0S,T, R9U,V, R9O,P, R9M, R9N, R9H,I, R0U, R8V, R0B, R8T, R0H.
Far East federal district: R0Q, R0L, R0C, R0J, R0Z, R0I, R0F,E , R0D, R0X, R0K.

Total score:
The total score is the sum of all QSO points multiplied by sum of all multipliers.

Plaques are awarded to the World Top Scorer in categories SOAB, MOST , SPECIAL (If the number of participants are under 10).
Medals are awarded to the World Top Scorer in categories SOSB and VETERAN (If the number of participants are under 5). The decision of The Contest Committee is final.

Log submission:
Computer log submission is preferable.

Electronic Logs:
Email address for logs: CQM@SRR.RU or
Text logs should be sent in message body. A summary sheet for text logs is necessary. CABRILLO logs should be sent as attachments.
The Email Subject line has to contain your callsign and category i.e. "RZ9IR A3". We welcome any soapbox comments, equipment description, photos, stories. The participant will receive automatic response to confirm log submission. Should you not received the confirmation within 2 weeks please re-send your log to or mail your log to Contest Committee.

Paper Logs:
The hand-written log can be made in chronological order. Each QSO must contain call sign, time, band, RS(RST), exchange number (both sent and received - even for check logs).. The summary sheet should contain category as per contest rules, callsign, full name(s), mail address, detailed claimed score, operator(s) declaration and signatures. The participants in Multi operator categories should indicate names and operator's own callsigns.

The paper log should be mailed to:
P.O. BOX 25464
660049 RUSSIA

The log submission deadline : June, 10th, 2011.